Amor Puro Camper Hat


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Long walks in the mountains, frolicking in the forest, building sandcastles on the beach… Summer is a real paradise for young adventure seekers! Experienced vacationers do not go anywhere without a sunscreen, but they know it doesn’t protect your head from sun and wind. When packing for your travels make sure to take with you this stylish and functional accessory, created by Looks by Luks for both boys and girls looking for an alternative to turbans and headbands.

Someone who’d have never had in their wardrobe the good, old “baseball” cap would be really hard to find. Why, you probably still have the very first camper hat, from your high-school times, hidden somewhere in the closet. This immensely popular accessory has a surprisingly long history, yet it seems like it won’t get out of style any time soon. No wonder - initially designed for athletes, endorsed by well known and popular players, it quickly became an inherent part of the NYC street style. The trend was fueled especially by musicians and their fans, the latter very often expressing their love for the performers - or even belonging to a given subculture - through the prints adorning their headgear. From there, it was just one step closer to the global phenomenon and the timeless trend, as well as such a vast choice of different hat models.

The Looks by Luks Camper Hat is more than just a stylish accessory. Covered with the colorful Amor Puro print designed by Karolina Niedzielska, from the original Liberté line, it symbolizes pure, free love - an inherent part of the tolerant world we want our children to live in. The tie&dye technique by Kasia Kotnowska, which was used for this handmade pattern, resembles the joy of living and oozes vibrant energy. One, universal size will fit every head and will be perfect for #matchy sets for parents and their children. Cotton provides comfort and the peak protects the eyes from scorching sun even on an intense day. Its cut makes the hat very practical and suitable for casual looks, looking great both in the company of jeans or tracksuits and babydoll dresses.

The spring/summer 2021 season is just the right moment for the “baseball” cap’s comeback - in the real Luks style!

Composition: 100% cotton.

Each hat is hand dyed using the tie-dye method by artist Katarzyna Kotnowska, so each model is unique and different from each other.

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a kimono or a scrunchie with the same pattern as your headband or easily create a matchy look with your daughter, sister or best friend.

By purchasing products from the Liberté collection, you support the ‘Open Mind’ foundation, which promotes the idea of "world without barriers", supporting local craftsmanship and contemporary design, in order to show that culture and art make our lives better.


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