So Free(dah) Headscarf


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Large, rectangular scarf cut in the middle with the So Free(dah) print designed by Klaudia Mączka Rzewuska, inspired by the liberty of speech and arts depicted as a linear portrait of the incredible Frida Kahlo. Her unusual strength and deep sensitivity motivate us to enjoy life as it is, despite all odds.

No idea how to style your hair? Worse - having a bad hair day? A day on the beach in the scorching sun ahead of you and not enough space in your bag?

Take our stylish Headscarf with you and do not fear the unexpected! Thanks to its large size, you can tie the shawl in different ways, allowing yourself a (not so) little madness...on the head :-) The soft cotton is pleasant to the touch, ensures comfort and folds easily. The scarf can be transformed into a majestic turban - that can compete with high heels when it comes to adding extra inches - or into a more ‘subtle’ headgear, with stylishly disheveled ends. Have some fun, play with the shawl by tying it not only on your head, but also on the body, as a blouse, or on your favourite purse, as a stylish addition. Go on, unleash your imagination!

What’s more - the original print from our new Liberté collection adorning the Headscarf will express what is not always easy to say, yet forms an integral part of your personality. Let the world see your strength and marvel at your courage.

It’s another multifunctional product designed by Looks by Luks. We don’t need to persuade you that the hot new arrival is this season’s must have in your wardrobe, do we?

Headscarf’s dimensions: 110cm X 90cm

Composition: 100% linen

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a kimono or a scrunchie with the same pattern as your headband or easily create a matchy look with your daughter, sister or best friend.

By purchasing products from the Liberté collection, you support the ‘Open Mind’ foundation, which promotes the idea of "world without barriers", supporting local craftsmanship and contemporary design, in order to show that culture and art make our lives better.


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