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There is no better company on dark, cool evenings than a cup of aromatic, hot tea. Herbal infusions are also the best way to maximize the healing potential of plants. As a cherry on top of our The Roots collection we want to give you priceless moments full of pleasure (and immunity boost! :-)) in the form of a magic brew full of aromatic flowers.

The tea will pleasantly surprise you with a composition of cornflower, field poppy, red clover, and marigold, seasoned with strawberry leaf, which gives it a truly unique flavor. The herbs, rich in micronutrients, will protect your organism during the cold season. Have we mentioned their relaxing effect? Your favorite couch, slippers, the mug of our Flower Meadow, and a good book in hand - the fall and winter suddenly seem quite nice, aren’t they?

Natural “Flower Meadow” tea without dyes and preservatives.

Ingredients: cornflower, field poppy, red clover, marigold; Herb: oxidized strawberry leaf

Preparation: pour one cup of boiling (100 ° C) water over 1 teaspoon of herbs and infuse for 3-5 minutes.

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