Linen Ochre Twistband

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Have you ever wondered what could have been the beautiful Kleopatra's preferred fabric? Apart from luxurious silk, the ancient Egyptians had a particular liking for linen because of its extraordinary properties. No wonder! Its Latin name emphasizes the great usefulness of linen and it's undeniably hard to find an equally versatile and durable fabric.

The sun timidly reminds us that summer is just around the corner and we suggest that Linen Twistband will be the perfect choice for the upcoming season. Light, breathable and hygroscopic cloth will protect your head from against sun without the feeling of heaviness. The healing and anti-allergic properties of linen, particularly valuable during the spring solstice, cannot be forgotten, as well as its timelessness - it never goes out of fashion!

And don't worry, your new purchase will not end up in the closet with the arrival of winter. Linen clothing is also great for lower temperatures due to its good thermal conductivity, needless to say that the intense colors of our Twistbands will successfully chase away the gloom.


Twistband made from 100% natural linen , can be worn with your hair up or down. Thanks to the wire inside, which is sewn, the twistband is fully adjustable and can be arranged in any way.

Twistband color on the photo may vary based on screen type.

Handwash in 30°C only. Dry flat.

The headbands come in one size and fit a standard head circumference of 54-57cm. If you need a smaller or a larger size than the standard one, leave us a message in the comments section when placing your order and we will sew it in a custom size, especially for you.

Your purchase supports local cancer charity- Blue Butterfly Association.

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