Any of us can be diagnosed with it today.

It makes the time stop. As any serious illness it turns our lives upside down and re-evaluates everything we know. When heard as diagnosis cancer violently breaks life routine, it makes a human stand naked in front of a wall, completely defendless and scared to death. Countless number of medical tests, surgeries, chemotherapy, struggling to get drugs, these are daily activities for many women who also need to live their normal lives. They desire to actively participate in their lives and still look feminine despite often serious condition.

To help these women Looks by Luks brand has started cooperation with Stowarzyszenie Niebieski Motyl, who are an organization supporting women with their battle against ovarian cancer. Within the framework of cooperation we provide women supported by the organization with free off charge turbans. 10% of each sale is dedicated to assist this purpose. At the same time we would like to thank all of those who purchased turbans so far for supporting this noble goal.

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