Honey plants seeds

Dear #luksgirl,

you must be wondering what is hidden inside the mysterious bag you found in your package? These are the seeds of the plants that inspired us to create the Bee Sweet print from the latest The Roots collection. We present you with this gift to our planet, encouraging you to take care of our Home.

We can’t let the endangered plant and animal species leave us for good! Let’s try to be more eco together - it’s really easier than it seems. Here’s what we can do every day:

  • Saving water
  • Re-using plastic bags and switching to cloth or paper shopping bags
  • Using stairs instead of elevator and your legs or bicycle, instead of public transport (your body will also thank you!)
  • Buying from local retailers and farmers
  • Choosing energy-saving devices, reducing and turning off lights when not needed
  • Planning ahead cooking (try to cook less often but larger quantities ) and freezing leftovers
  • Switching from books to e-readers…

… and much more

Keep in mind that it all doesn’t cost a thing, except for good planning, yet can prove truly benign to our Planet. This small gift will help you to support the #luksfortheplanet initiative more actively.

Just wait for spring or summer and sow the seeds on humus, moist soil - preferably on a lawn or a nearby meadow that can be watered by rain. More details? The seeds should be mixed with a bit of sand in a 1:3 ratio and sown between mid-March and May. It’s enough to spread them over a 1 sq m lawn or meadow:





Depth of sowing:





30-100 cm

They will grow into honey plants that form our seed mix:

Borage – 6%

Lovage– 5%

Cornflower – 6%

Purple coneflower – 4%

Canterbury bell – 2%

Garden angelica – 5%

Purple foxglove – 2%

Origanum – 2%

Bird’s-foot trefoil – 4%

Garden sage – 5%

Leonurus – 4%

Italian clover – 12%

Canary flower– 2%

White mustard – 5%

Lemon balm – 6%

Blue tansy – 5%

Oxeye daisy – 3%

Moldavian dragonhead – 12%

Buckwheat – 10%

They will not only please your eyes, but also remind you about the importance of bees to the entire ecosystem.

Guess we can count on you? :-) Make sure to send us a photo of your little wonders in a few months and tag them with #luksfortheplanet on social media. It’d be wonderful to see both the final effect and the entire planting and nurturing process - let’s invite others to this wonderful eco action!

Your Luks Family

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