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Looks by Luks is another – after Teo, Mia and Zoe – child of ours, born of passion and… a sheer coincidence! It was during our trip to Mexico when I, 5 months pregnant with Teo, saw a little girl with a pretty turban on her head and decided that I would buy something similar for my future daughter, should I ever have one.

I had been wearing various turbans bought in vintage stores myself for quite some time. I also used to wrap shawls around my head in a fanciful way. 2 years after our visit to Mexico, while completing the layette for my daughter Mia (who had still been in my belly at that time), that turban stuck in my head. At the time one could look for turbans in Poland in vain, so, with the inspiration gathered from the Internet and my mother-in-law’s help, we sewed Mia her first turbans. And we hit the bull’s eye! Mia’s turbans turned out to be such a graceful headgear that all my friends immediately wanted the same for their daughters – just like my Instagram followers, who flooded me with requests to sew them.

Encouraged by my best friend, I decided to try selling the turbans online and, to my own surprise, the idea proved to be a nationwide hit. I still remember the first 4 months when I was sewing each turban single-handedly at nights, when my kids were asleep, and during the day I used to prepare parcels for shipping. That’s how the Looks by Luks brand was created. Soon we have created the website, then opened Atelier, our showroom in Sopot and hired a fairly large team of people taking care of sewing, shipping and customer support.

This might come across as boastful, but it is true that Looks by Luks paved the way for turbans on the Polish market. Just try to find another company offering so many different types of headgear in such a wide range of colors! We sew from the best quality, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and / or GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified fabrics, which we choose carefully, always seeking the environmentaly-friendly ones.The same applies to our packaging and advertising materials, which are biodegradable, ecological or recycled.

Looks by Luks creates all its products in Poland, designing for conscious consumers who care about unique products, made in the spirit of sustainable fashion. We pay attention to the way our fabrics are produced, to make sure it does not harm the environment. Every product is hand-made on customer’s demand in our small workshop in Sopot, so we only produce as much as needed – nothing gets wasted.

We are proud about our success as a trendsetter for turbans in Poland and our rapid growth. Our range of products has been expanding quickly, comprising a vast choice of headbands and even… kimonos, yet another clothing that fascinates me. The fabric offcuts left from the production of our turbans, headbands and kimonos are used for sewing scrunchies, in the spirit of less waste.

All of these make Looks by Luks a life philosophy stemming from our personal experience. Educating customers is our main focus, as well as providing them with original prints each season. Designed in cooperation with exceptional artists, the prints are meant to reflect what’s important in our lives, such as ecology, the respect for nature, self-care, social equality and freedom. Each one of our collections carries a message and part of the profit supports foundations of various types, related to the theme of a particular collection.

Looks by Luks is made, in the first place, by people who love what they do and want to instill their outlook on the world in others.

Our doors are always open, please do feel invited!

Sylwia and Marcin

Looks by Luks Founders


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