Harmony. Warmth. Strength. We have so much in common, yet we remain so different.
Heritage, history, culture.
Femininity knows no boundaries and cannot be classified.

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection is proof that beauty lies in diversity and the word “different” means one of a kind. Unique. That is the gist of Looks by Luks latest project – DIVERSITY – inspired by various cultures, uniting four inspiring female artists. Ravishing with ripe colors, spreading optimism and inspiring with a huge dose of energy

Each of the distinctive patterns offers a subtle hint for its origin and tells its own story encapsulated in the art adorning the brand's flagship products.

Natalia Trochowska

African Clash

Print inspired by sun-soaked African savanna.

Pola Augustynowicz

Arabic Paisley

Print inspired by Arabic lights and the symmetry of mosaics.

Turbans are

present across time and cultures,

becoming bridges between the worlds, both geographical and spiritual.
They allow the ones who wear them to express their inner selves, whatever they are or want to become.

AW'21/22 promo video

The DIVERSITY collection

is a praise for femininity and the light showing the way

to dreams deeply hidden in each of us – even if we follow various paths to reach them, even if it is against all odds.

Part of the income from the sales of the products from the collection will be donated to KOSMOS foundation, which strengthens the power and self-esteem of girls and women and creates stereotype-free environment.


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