- Liberté -

To be myself.
To breathe. Deeply.
To love. Shamelessly.
To live by my own rules.
To speak without fear.
To express myself. Freely.

Look. This is my dream of freedom.

I find it in fantasies because when the dawn breaks, only uncertainty remains…
I ask myself: How to enjoy the moment, when the heart is afraid of its choices?
How to face challenges having the captive mind in fear of criticism?
How to welcome tomorrow with a smile without the possibility of experiencing the beauty of the world?
How to create with hands tied?
What is a body deprived of the right to decide for itself?
When somebody else pulls the strings in the theater of life - what part is there left for us to play?


In these turbulent and difficult times we scream louder and louder.

We shout: STOP when we are deprived of the right to decide about our bodies and when our minds are hijacked.
STOP labeling and polarizing.
STOP telling us how to live.

Looks by Luks stands for the right to


We wish to regain it in every aspect, every dimension, and in all its shades. The spring/summer 2021 season collection Liberté shows how it should be - and how it was before, by taking you on a nostalgic journey to Mexico. Together, let’s marvel at the beautiful homeland of Frida Kahlo, whose extraordinary inner strength does not cease to fascinate and inspire new generations. The iconic painter inspired us to create four original prints that symbolize open mind, free love and the broadly understood liberty of women and art. The Mexican cult of colors is reflected in the vibrant hues, the pastel shades make you feel the warmth of infinite love and the linear graphics manifest the fortitude - to fight for our right.

Anna Rudak

Mis Tetas Mis Labios

the print designed by Anna Rudak is inspired by female breasts symbolizing our objection against the attempts to control women’s bodies. Our tits are our lips, openly saying: it’s mine!

Karolina Niedzielska

Amor Puro

the tie-dye pattern designed by Karolina Niedzielska is inspired by love in all its shades, unconstrained by social norms. We want to love without borders, in a world, where tolerance, openness and free choice are a rule, not an exception.

Feel the famous Frida’s words, her very last message:

Viva la vida!

Hurray for life! Let the artist, known for her political commitment as well as for a bold portrayal of femininity and pain, be our role model. Let her teach us how to live life to the fullest, according to our own rules, enjoying unfettered freedom - despite all odds. Liberté pays homage to the art and life of Kahlo, at the same time wondering whether freedom, as a value, is duly appreciated nowadays. What does it mean to be free in the context of mores, words, art? Who draws the line - and are they allowed to do so? Pause for a moment. Ask yourself these questions. Experience the thrill, feel the emotions they evoke.

Let’s go back to the era of the joyful flower children, dancing our liberty dance to the rhythm of rattling maracas.

SS'21 promo video

Looks by Luks has been creating unique headgear since its founding: hand-made turbans and headbands, which were later joined by scrunchies made of leftover fabric.

This is the also yet another collection that offers kimono - longer ones, called Yukata as well as their shorter version, Haori. All the products are made in the way to complement each other and facilitate the creation of matchy sets. The spring/summer season 2021 introduces, among other new arrivals, silk and linen headscarves and a bandana.

In addition, we created one-of-a-kind shopper bags with slogans carrying the Liberté collection’s message. Finally, our offer is also addressed to men from now on. The first garments in our male line are the short kimono, Haori for Him, and the wide linen trousers, Hakama.

Looks by Luks donated part of the profit from the Liberté collection to the Open Mind foundation from Wroclaw, which promotes the idea of "world without barriers", supporting local craftsmanship and contemporary design, in order to show that culture and art make our lives better.

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Mis Tetas Mis Labios Yukata Kimono
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