Every collection by Luks means financial support for the initiatives we care about.

We love to help!

In the past we helped the Blue Butterfly association for women who battle against ovarian cancer, the "Buy Responsibly" foundation, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, The Ocean Cleanup that rids seas and oceans of plastic, and the "Kosmos” foundation aiming to empower girls and create an environment free from the stereotypes limiting them. Part of the profit from the AW'20-21 The Roots collection supported the Greenpeace Poland campaign "Adopt a Bee" and the SS’21 Liberté collection donated part of the profit to the Open Mind foundation, which promotes local craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Geopark Świętokrzyski logo



The newest AW’21/22 collection Origin will help the Świętokrzyskie Mountains Geopark, which focuses on promoting the unique geological and cultural heritage and using it in sustainable tourism.

The first Polish geopark with the prestigious UNESCO status since April 2021 keeps confirming its global reputation by creating local cooperation networks and fostering local tourist products based on unique geology and local traditions.