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CHEST OF WONDERS - box z kamieniami Looks by Luks x Lady Stone
CHEST OF WONDERS - box z kamieniami Looks by Luks x Lady Stone
CHEST OF WONDERS - box z kamieniami Looks by Luks x Lady Stone

CHEST OF WONDERS | Looks by Luks x Lady Stone mineral box

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Size:One Size

Wooden box with natural stones, created by Looks by Luks in collaboration with Lady Stone, containing four stones that inspired us to create the Origin collection. The set is completed with a fifth, additional mineral - rhinestone.

Minerals are called nature spirits, with a perfect structure and luminous energy hidden inside. Their colors and properties encourage us to look deep within and know ourselves better.

The box of minerals was created for everyone who wants to discover the unknown, in the company of unique stones that shows us our true beauty. Thanks to her experience, Lady Stone promotes knowledge about the world of precious stones. She boldly proclaims that minerals are living creatures, our brothers, an inherent part of our lives.  She also teaches how to skillfully use their power. Introduced to our life, the stones can change a lot, provided that we’re willing and open to new experiences..

Our magic box contains the following stones:

Rose quartz - called the stone of love and heart. Its presence strongly influences our well-being and fosters self-love. Travelling in the company of quartz will bring you acceptance and understanding.

Amethyst Geode - a powerful stone that cleanses the accumulated energy. It can also be used to clean natural stone jewelry. Amethyst sensitizes our intuition and facilitates good night's sleep. The mineral also has the ability to keep anxiety at bay, which often sabotages our thoughts.

Tourmaline - often referred to as a protective stone. Its color is dark, usually black - not without a reason. Tourmaline works well for hyperactive people. It brings balance and helps the most sensitive of us get rid of the constant feeling of emptiness from life.

Blue agate - in nature, agates usually occur in earth tones. It is people who color stones to embellish them, emphasizing the natural beauty. The colors of the stones also play an important role. Blue agate soothes the nerves and is great for people who are struggling with problems related to the throat chakra.

Rhinestone - a stone that is the fastest and easiest to program. It manifests our goals and desires. It brings a very palpable transformation which heals us from within.