Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult
Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult
Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult
Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult
Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult
Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult

Embrace The Mystery Dark Furisode Kimono Adult

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We introduce… a new style of kimono! Never enough of these, right? With the arrival of spring 2022, we introduce an extraordinary model with the graceful name of Furisode. It translates as ‘swinging sleeves’ in Japanese and perfectly reflects the undeniable charm of this gorgeous kimono. The characteristic flared sleeves distinguish it from similar outerwear, while the drawstrings and capacious side pockets add practicality. Thanks to the waist belt you can casually tie your kimono and emphasize the feminine silhouette.

Furisode kimono with long, wide sleeves, made of certified bamboo fabric, from the SS’22 MANIFEST collection. The extraordinary line of products for the spring/summer season encourages you to take a spiritual journey deep into yourself. We wish for these products to manifest your heart’s hidden desires, attract good energy, and strengthen your faith in the driving force of the mind.

Furisode is adorned with the original Embrace The Mystery print, created by Mary Zaleska. It shows both the light and dark sides of our personality expressed in a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. The print encourages to understand the duality of human nature and accept our weaknesses. By opening to this truth, we embrace love - for ourselves, the people, and the world.

The kimono was made of certified bamboo fabric. Breathable and skin-friendly bamboo is a real life-saver on hot days! Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties and high hygroscopicity, it will provide unique comfort both in summer and early autumn. Products made of bamboo fabric are our tribute to all #luksgirls out there, who take care of our planet and value style and comfort at the same time. No more compromises!

Composition: 100% bamboo viscose

At your request, for an additional fee, we will decorate the kimono with fringes, which will emphasize its originality and the holiday vibe by cheerfully dancing at the bottom, and/or a unique embroidery on the back. Just add your preferred variant to your basket and we will prepare a "de luxe" or rather de Luks! :-)) version for you.

FURISODE is also made in 3 sizes for children, which according to the idea of sustainable fashion makes them fully adjustable as the child grows, so they can be used for a few seasons. For the details about sizes please refer to the link from the bottom of the page "Sizes".

Do you need a slightly smaller or bigger version? Are you worried that your Furisode might be too short or too long? Let us know in the order’s comment section and we will adjust the dimensions of the kimono, especially for you!

Kimono's color in the photo may vary based on screen type.

Hand Wash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a turban or a headband with the same pattern as your kimono, or easily create a matchy look with your daughter, sister, or best friend.

Looks by Luks will donate part of the profit from the MANIFEST collection to the “Voices of Children” Foundation, which provides comprehensive assistance to children and parents who suffered as a result of war operations. They aim at providing support in terms of relocation and accommodation, especially for women and children evacuated from places subject to active hostilities, as well as organizing centers for conducting various group activities. In 2022, Voices of Children focuses in particular on organizing psychological help for everyone who has suffered from the war in Ukraine.