Haori Kimono Linen Silver
Haori Kimono Linen Silver
Haori Kimono Linen Silver

Linen Silver Haori Kimono

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A short, loose-fitting jacket called Haori made of linen. Our kimonos are made of linen only, ensuring maximum comfort during the summer heat. One, universal size fits most women and for the lovers of a more close-fitting cut we recommend a complementary accessory - a wide belt, which you can buy here: Linen Silver Head & Body Wrap.

Kimono's color in the photo may vary based on screen type.

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a kimono or a scrunchie with the same pattern as your headband or easily create a matchy look with your daughter, sister or best friend.