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Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here
Namiot Tipi Still Here

Still Here Teepee Tent

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Size:One Size

Every adventurer can explore the world and play for hours on end, but after returning they need a place to rest, eat and make plans for further adventures. A teepee tent, as the Sioux the indigenous Sioux people of the Great Prairie Valley called it, is literally a place to live. It is a space for all kinds of games, with a curtained window, through which you can observe the surroundings!

After the play, just put the tent in the cover and put it in the corner of the room. The folded tent takes up little space, and thanks to the cover you can easily take it in the open air. The Moi Mili Teepee tents are a great idea for arranging a play corner!

The classic Moi Mili teepee is made of thick cotton, with the entrance made entirely of linen. Adorned with the Still Here print designed by Natasza Kwiatkowska from the original line by Looks by Luks named „The Roots”. It’s a collection full of precious flowers - ethereal, endangered, melliferous, and healing works of art. It evokes the scent of security, harmony, balance, and happiness. Let us show the pure beauty that stems from our roots and wants to be reborn.

The Still Here pattern is inspired by the endangered plants, protected both in Poland and the world. Represented in a form of an abstract drawing that captures the hidden beauty of a carnivorous plant gracefully named Aldrovanda vesiculosa.

The Moi Mili x Looks by Luks collaboration is an extraordinary combination of two worlds that find a common ground in beauty, nature and aesthetics. The Moi Mili products are known for their great quality and the highest durability. Their store will provide you with everything you need to decorate your baby's room.

Looks by Luks’s products are dedicated to conscious consumers, who seek unique and original products made in the spirit of sustainable fashion. They offer a vast choice of headgear, kimono for women and men and rompers for children. Both brands create their products from scratch in Poland, using the best quality materials.

Each teepee has a window on the left side. Our pine sticks are smoothed, the whole structure is fixed with a rope.

All our teepees are tents of five-wall structure with a pentagonal base, which makes it more stable and bigger that the square-based ones.

We produce them in Poland, using mostly products of Polish origin.

Fabric: 100 % cotton and 100% linen certified by OEKO-TEX®, weight 260.

The set includes a folding teepee tent for children, sticks and a cotton cover. We encourage you to enrich it with our beautiful decorations and Indian accessories.

Washing temperature: up to 30°C.

Pine sticks: 180 cm.

Height after spacing: 170 cm.

Diameter of the base: 120/130 cm.