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Perfume Looks by Luks - SET 3 Testers 3ml
Perfume Looks by Luks - SET 3 Testers 3ml
Perfume Looks by Luks - SET 3 Testers 3ml

Perfume Looks by Luks - SET 3 Testers 3ml

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Size:3 x 3 ml

A set of three samples of the Looks by Luks perfume created in cooperation with Mo61 Perfume Lab. The set includes 3 different perfume samples dedicated to our collections: The Roots, Liberte and Orgin.

The Roots is a scent of a woman enamored of the mysterious world of plants, who lives in harmony with herself and the world. Intense, but with just the right dose of subtlety. Full of well-balanced sweetness. Intoxicatingly fresh. She who wears it goes through life surrounded by the hints of pink pepper and white sage, crowned with mysterious myrrh. Her each step is full of respect and love for nature, with its wisdom filling her with inspiration and the energy to live.

A woman wrapped in the scent of Liberte boldly walks through life, never giving up in the face of adversity.  It is the sea salt vibrating in the heart of the composition that takes us on this beautiful journey, gently swathing the base built of an intriguing sandalwood molecule. It is javanol, woody and citrusy at the same time, that makes the fragrance’s soul, perfectly harmonious with the spirit of freedom. The culmination and at the same time the leitmotif of the fragrance is the scent of blackcurrant leaf, so fascinating, yet full of contradictions. The whole composition is reminiscent of forests, sea and fruit, introducing an element of "familiarity", while still remaining extremely elegant and casual.

The magic of Origin is enchanted in the "sacred tree" incense known as Palo Santo. Used in folk medicine for ages, it is still valued for its miraculous properties: cleansing the mind, helping to prepare for meditation, protecting against "bad energy", boosting health and attracting prosperity. Palo Santo adds the finishing touch to our beautiful composition, allowing you to start each day with a wonderful sense of inner peace. Good mood and success in every field guaranteed!



Each fragrance available in 3 ml bottle, in limited quantities.