Perfumy Liberté 50ml
Perfumy Liberté 50ml
Perfumy Liberté 50ml

Liberté Perfume 50ml

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Size:50 ml

What’s the smell of freedom? Like that of soil damp after summer rain? Juicy fruit picked straight from the bush? Or like freshly ground coffee and warm cake from your favourite café?

We all have our own definitions of freedom. Each of us perceives it differently - through personal experiences, memories and desires. It is the same with fragrances. They all evoke different stories by stimulating our senses. Liberte is our tale about the unfettered joy of life, without fear and restrictions. Bold and action-provoking - this is also the fragrance of the collection created in cooperation with Mo61 Perfume Lab, which expresses the message of Liberte. It takes us straight to the boundless, untamed ocean on the coast of a sun-scorched Mexican beach.

It is the sea salt vibrating in the heart of the composition that takes us on this beautiful journey, gently swathing the base built of an intriguing sandalwood molecule. It is javanol, woody and citrusy at the same time, that makes the fragrance’s soul, perfectly harmonious with the spirit of freedom. The culmination and at the same time the leitmotif of the fragrance is the scent of blackcurrant leaf, so fascinating, yet full of contradictions. The whole composition is reminiscent of forests, sea and fruit, introducing an element of "familiarity", while still remaining extremely elegant and casual.

A woman wrapped in the scent of Liberte boldly walks through life, never giving up in the face of adversity. She recalls the times of shameless freedom with nostalgia, always hoping for a better tomorrow. Not afraid to fight for her dreams, she follows the example of female warriors such as the inspiring painter Frida Kahlo. She loves unconditionally and wants to be loved. Free from all the do's, don'ts and prejudices. Loud screaming: Viva la vida! The Liberte woman welcomes each day with a smile, screaming: Viva la vida! and standing ready ready for new challenges.

The perfume is available in a 50ml bottle, in a limited amount.