Perfumy Origin Próbka 3ml
Perfumy Origin Próbka 3ml

Origin Perfume 3ml Tester

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It seems much easier to survive colder and longer autumn days enveloped in smouldering scents, isn't it? Our senses love being close to nature, giving us pleasant shivers when we smell mowed grass, wet earth on rainy days, freshly picked flowers… The magical power enchanted in fragrances can change our mood, fill us with inspiration and energy to act. Just like the natural stones that inspired us to create the Origin collection, they have been with us since the Beginning - our invisible, faithful companions on the path of life.

During autumn and winter time we're more inclined to pause and reflect on life, spend time recharging batteries and meditating - and nothing helps us achieve zen like scents do! Thanks to Luks you won't need to explore secret esoteric knowledge to achieve peace of mind and open yourself to good energy. Not only do we give you new original prints filled with the positive energy of crystals, but we also bring you - continuing our little tradition that began with The Roots collection - a truly unique fragrance created in collaboration with Mo61 Perfume Lab. Intense, yet balanced, with just the right dose of dry sweetness. It'll surround you with notes of pink pepper and white sage mixed with mysterious white sage. Its uniqueness, however, lies in the top notes, the real crown…

The magic of Origin is enchanted in the "sacred tree" incense known as Palo Santo. Used in folk medicine for ages, it is still valued for its miraculous properties: cleansing the mind, helping to prepare for meditation, protecting against "bad energy", boosting health and attracting prosperity. Palo Santo adds the finishing touch to our beautiful composition, allowing you to start each day with a wonderful sense of inner peace. Good mood and success in every field guaranteed!

Perfume available in 3ml bottles, in limited amounts.