Re-work Knitted Bag

Re-work Knitted Bag

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Size:One Size
Honey knitted shoper bag with the linen inside.
Handle made with twine and wood.
Unique product, only 1 piece created.

REWORK is yet another idea for sustainable fashion and introducing ecological solutions in day-to-day life. Since the very beginning at Luks we strive to be a synonym for eco-friendliness. We use only natural, certified fabrics and minimize the negative impact of fashion (over)production on the environment.

The idea to introduce upcycled products was on my mind for a long time. To create something beautiful from items that became unwanted, when they become “worn” or are not used anymore… that’s genius yet so obvious! All that is needed is a little effort and a big amount of creativity and we can do so much for the planet, our home. It all started with scrunchies, that we began creating from fabric leftovers. But we’re taking a step ahead!

Recycling, upcycling, DYI… I know, sometimes it’s hard to follow all the differences and nuances. Let’s recall what recycling is all about – it’s reprocessing used item in a way a new version of the same material is created. Good example is a newspaper, which is thrown into a designated garbage bin for paper to be later reprocessed into a recycled paper. Upcycling is also a form of reusing waste, but in this process new products with higher value than the repurposed materials are created. Example? Furniture made from transport pallets that are getting so popular recently.

Upcycling allows to decrease the number of fabrics used in both - the primary production process and reprocessing. It’s a genius way to stand against consumerism and open an incredible field for imagination. By using unwanted rugs, coverlets, decorative elements such as fringes and old bags we can create stunning, unique clothes. Project REWORK is a way Luks 

gives new life to unwanted materials. We will be adding unique, hand made products in very limited amount. We will be dropping literally single pieces, so it’s going to be exciting. Who dares wins!

We hope you will give us a little credit for our new eco-oriented initiative. I can assure you, you will be wearing our unique clothes and accessories knowing that you are doing something good for the environment.

Together, we create fashion of the future – sustainable, original and extremely creative!

Sylwia Luks