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Fresh bread in the morning, made with love by grandma. Warm, summer rain on moist grass. Blooming rosebuds. Baby’s soft skin. The miracle of birth, the beauty of nature - its untamed force. Evanescence and creation. The circle of life.

Close your eyes. Feel them. Remember?

Fragrances have been with us since the very beginning. Evoking memories, contextualizing, reminding us about the most beautiful moments, and creating an infinite number of associations. Each one is special and unique. Together, they can form a perfect whole. Alluring and intoxicating. With a soul and personal history.

In our latest The Roots collection, along with new prints and headwear models, Looks by Luks celebrates the symbolic return to the beginning with a special gift for senses. We collaborated with Mo61 Perfume Lab to create an extraordinary composition that will take you back in time to feel a special bond with Mother Earth. The perfume, just like the entire The Roots collection, is our tribute to nature and the priceless gifts it bestows us with. It complements the Smells Like Nature print perfectly, so vibrant with the colors of ethereal plants, which inspire with their unique aromas.

The Roots is a scent of a woman enamored of the mysterious world of plants, who lives in harmony with herself and the world. Intense, but with just the right dose of subtlety. Full of well-balanced sweetness. Intoxicatingly fresh. She who wears it goes through life surrounded by the hints of pink pepper and white sage, crowned with mysterious myrrh. Her each step is full of respect and love for nature, with its wisdom filling her with inspiration and the energy to live.

Available in a 50ml bottle, in limited quantities.

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