THE ROOTS Scented Candle

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Are autumn and winter sending shivers down your spine? Do the endless, dark evenings make you feel gloomy? We have got you covered! The fragrant surprise from Looks by Luks will provide you with the right dose of warmth and will successfully supplement the sunshine, which is now becoming a reminiscence of a bygone summer.

This season, our latest The Roots collection, along with new prints and headwear models, Looks by Luks celebrates the symbolic return to the beginning with a special gift for senses. Our scented candle will make you literally feel the Smells Like Nature pattern thanks to its irresistible aroma of honeysuckle. In collaboration with HUGme we chose sweet orange to accompany this most wonderfully fragrant flower, creating the perfect composition for colder days. The glow of the candle, combined with its fresh, citrus scent, will bring to mind the priceless moments spent with the family and encourage you to tuck yourself into a warm bed. Perfect for an evening with friends, the candle will prove a great addition to a home SPA or solitary meditation.

Hand-made Honeysuckle & Orange candle with natural essential oils. It’s smokeless and gives off a pleasant aroma. 

Candle burning time:

Mini (120 ml) - around 15h

Maxi (346 ml) - more than 35h

By using soy wax the candle is more environmentally friendly compared to the most often used mix of stearin and paraffin.

Remember not to leave lit candles unattended, especially around children and pets. Do not place them near flammable materials and substances. Soy wax smells good, yet is not edible. 

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