Viento Dress

Shipping: 14 days

Linen, long, oversize dress with short sleeves. Available in a range of 9 colors to choose from the color palette available in the picture. Perfect for every season of the year. It is suitable for any type of body and it is perfect while pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our dresses are made of linen only, ensuring maximum comfort during the summer heat. Light, breathable, and hygroscopic cloth will protect your head from the sun without the feeling of heaviness. The healing and anti-allergic properties of linen, particularly valuable during the spring solstice, cannot be forgotten, as well as its timelessness - it never goes out of fashion!

And don't worry, your new purchase will not end up in the closet with the arrival of winter. Linen clothing is also great for lower temperatures due to its good thermal conductivity, needless to say, that the intense colors of our dresses will successfully chase away the gloom.

Length: 119cm

Back width: 60cm

If you would like to order a custom-made dress, please contact us by e-mail in advance.

Composition: 100% linen

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a dress or a scrunchie with the same pattern as your headband or easily create a matchy look with your daughter, sister or best friend.


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