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Have you, as a child, instead of dreaming of your Prince Charming wanted to become the brave Mulan, you used to watch new episodes of your favorite anime all excited and you described kittens and puppies as kawaii? This is how, usually, one becomes fascinated with Japan, a country whose cultural diversity does not cease to impress and inspire. If the Country of Blooming Cherry has a special place in your heart, our new product YUKATA, a classic Japanese kimono, is just for you.

What do turbans and kimonos have in common, you may wonder? More than it seems! Both are, in the first place, ultra-feminine and comfortable. Turbans have been present in many cultures for centuries, as a symbol of belonging to ethnic, social, or religious groups. Loose-fitting YUKATA evolved from casual clothing to a fashionable, universal tunic, which, when covered with fancy patterns - is perfect even for a night out.

The CHOOSE YOU collection is a mixture of love for nature, the smell of summer and juicy passion. We give you a limited product from the collection of original designs created especially for Looks by Luks by Karolina Niedzielska, an illustrator enamored of fashion. OPLOTKA prepared a dedicated handmade jewelry for this print. You can buy it here: https://bit.ly/2M5N3pP

Kimono made of midweight organic cotton fabric, with the Choose Balance pattern. One, universal size fits most women and for the lovers of a more close-fitting cut we recommend a complementary accessory: a wide belt, which you can buy here: Choose Balance Head & Body Wrap. The belt will allow you to adjust the size and accentuate the waist, beautifully emphasizing the feminine silhouette.

YUKATA'S are also made in 3 sizes for children, which according to the idea of sustainable fashion makes them fully adjustable as the child grows, so they can be used for a few years.

This way you will easily create a perfect matching set for moms and daughters, just as you like it! Perfect Japanese harmony in your wardrobe is now within easy reach, thanks to Looks by Luks :-)

Composition: 100% organic cotton.

Kimono's color in the photo may vary, depending on the screen type.

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

Your purchase from the DIVERSITY collection supports the KOSMOS foundation, which aims to empower girls and create an environment free from the stereotypes limiting them. More information can be found here: https://fundacjakosmos.org/poz...


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