Japan fashion tour: learn about the different types of kimono.

Japan fashion tour: learn about the different types of kimono.

Can you casually wear a kimono? We say, yes! You may wonder if it’s disrespectful to wear a kimono if you’re not Japanese. The truth is that traditional Japanese clothing, including the “thing to wear” (which literally means kimono), has been conquering streets for decades. This certainly applies to a modern variation of the traditional kimono, which became fashionable and comfy cloaks

The Looks by Luks kimono instantly became one of our bestsellers, so we naturally keep expanding the offer. As one may easily get confused with all these styles, we’re going to briefly describe different kimono types. Keep in mind that the names do refer to the traditional types of kimono, but their cut only served as inspiration during the design process. The Japanese language is so beautiful that we would never find better names!  Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful outfit made in Japan.

A brief history of the Japanese kimono

A thousand-year-old fashion trend? Why!  The first kimono, in its present form, became popular during the Heian period (794-1192), with the development of a new creation technique. Interestingly enough, their cut has not changed much ever since and the contemporary kimono remains a simple garment resembling a bathrobe. Still, there are many kimono types for different occasions, varying in cut, ornamenting, and… price. Ladies have many Japanese women’s kimono to choose from, depending not only on a particular event but also on a woman’s age or marital status. The traditional, authentic kimono is very expensive and hardly anyone can afford to wear it on a daily basis. However, the wonderful tradition of wearing kimono is still an enduring symbol of Japanese culture that keeps impressing the world. Haute couture loved this majestic outfit, which crossed the Asian borders to conquer the catwalks. Famous fashion designers draw constant inspiration from the classic kimono and popularize it as versatile everyday clothing

Looks by Luks also offers kimono for men, and our Yukatas are also kimono for children due to the extended size range. What characterizes different types of kimono for women? How can you distinguish between various male kimono? Keep reading!


The first kimono in our offer. The traditional Yukaya is a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton and unlined. Thanks to its knee-length and loose sleeves Yukata can be worn in many ways. Airy dress, jeans and t-shirts, a jumpsuit or a bikini - the kimono will make each of your favorite outfits a truly original summer stylization. Linen Yukatas are the best choice for hot weather due to the fabric’s hygroscopic and thermoregulatory properties. The kimono is so comfortable that you can wear it both on a day or night out and in the comfort of your home. Do you prefer subtle, one-color versions or adorned with original prints? Mark our words: one Yukata in your wardrobe is definitely not enough! :-)

yukata with prints for women

Women's Yukata with prints 

colorful yukata for women

Colorful women's kimono


Shorter version of the classic Yukata is not only a great choice for women but also the best kimono for men. With its cut resembling popular outerwear, the linen Haori is much shorter than Yukata. It will easily fit under a jacket and can be worn in fall and winter. In fact, the traditional Haori is a half-coat worn over kimono and belongs - along with the Hakama trousers - to the formal attire of Japanese men. We nonetheless decided to “borrow” this graceful name to differentiate between our shorter and longer kimono. Our Haoris are therefore linen jackets for women while Haori for Him - a short kimono for men, for all occasions. Both are ideal for rising temperatures!

haori kimono for women

Haori Kimono for women

haori kimono for men

Haori Kimono for men


Just two different kimono styles? Not enough for us! :-) In the spring-summer 2022 season our offer of women’s kimono welcomed a new model, inspired by the most festive outfit for brides. The gracious Furisodo name translates as “swinging sleeves” and perfectly captures the charm of this gorgeous kimono. It is these voluminous, flared sleeves that add some character and make the kimono stand out from other outer garments. Our Furisode kimono has capacious side pockets and useful drawstrings that ad practicality. At the customer’s request, it can also be decorated with orignal fringes. Furisode is available in a long and short version, both appear very chic and extraordinary. We bet this kimono will surely become every fashionista’s favorite!  

It’s worth mentioning that you will find a matching Head&Body Wrap for every kimono in our offer. Tied at the waist, it emphasizes the female figure, while on the head it becomes a large turban or headband, according to your whim - all in the #matchy style with your kimono.

Furisode Kimono for Women

Furisode Kimono for women


Men will also find an alternative for Haori in our new collection. For those bored with the “safe” color palette and the classic cut, we propose a new Kinagashi kimono. Its name - surprise, surprise - does not refer to a traditional kimono type because… there’s only one model of male kimono! The Japanese word “kinagashi” simply describes a casual way of wearing a kimono solo, without the company of Hakama trousers and fitted vest. Oriental and mysterious in sound, the name fits perfectly with our new kimono for Him. Longer than Haori, with straight and rather voluminous sleeves, the Kinagashi kimono is adorned with the amazing Embrace the Mystery pattern from our Manifest collection. We bet that many of you, at the sight of a modern samurai dressed in our kimono, will feel the urge to decipher his secrets ... :-)

Kinagashi kimono for him

Kinagashi Kimono for men

Kimono for every occasion

Summing up, at Looks by Luks we simply love kimono of all kinds and we cannot imagine our life without them! Kimono fits any casual outfit, and the models with original prints will make an impression at great events. The classic Yukata is a must-have in every woman’s closet, especially those who value everyday comfort. In turn, each #luksgirl will feel like a real Japanese geisha in our impressive Furisode kimono. Gentlemen will like both the short Haori for Him jacket and the longer Kinagahsi kimono. Kimono is an outfit for everyone, so let's not forget about our youngest #luksgirls and #luksboys! For them, we have linen yukatas for children in the size range from 1 to 9 years old. Looks by Luks kimono are universal clothing for every family, in many colors and adorned with amazing patterns - we can already see in our imagination your entire family gracefully presenting the essence of Japanese style! :-)

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