Packing for holidays - what to put in your minimalist travel capsule suitcase.

Packing for holidays - what to put in your minimalist travel capsule suitcase.

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Holidays booked, vacation marked in the calendar. All that’s left to do is to pack all your travel essentials into a lightweight suitcase. Challenge accepted! The list of products you need can be shortened, but how to travel light and dress well at the same time? After all, weather changes can surprise you even in a tropical climate!

How to choose travel clothing? A capsule wardrobe is your key to successful packing. If you start completing a minimalistic wardrobe today, choosing universal sets of clothes for your holidays will be a pure pleasure. Packing for holidays with children? Complete outfits for the whole family at Looks by Luks. Get inspired by our summer proposals from the newest collection!



top beso linen

On really hot days our favourite clothes suddenly become… shorter and shorter! We hide warm blouses in the closet - no regrets! - and we jump into comfortable, airy T-shirts. And when the heat becomes unbearable, it’s time for short tank tops. Beach style on the streets does not surprise anymore and perfectly fits into a carefree summer look. Still asking yourself: can I wear a bikini as a top? Our answer to this dilemma is Beso tops! Great as a stylish bra for sunbathing, outside the beach will work great in many stylizations. Two variants to choose from, Organic with lacing and Linen with a bow binding, to best suit your taste. The best summer fabrics: organic cotton and natural linen provide extraordinary comfort and outstanding thermoregulation. Needless to say, taking up so little space, the tops will fit in any suitcase - so you can take a few Besos in different color variants with you :-)

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puchi shorta

Apart from sleeveless tops, comfortable shorts are another must-have item in your summer wardrobe. They are especially useful on a tropical holiday and will create an eye-catching, fashionable look with our kimono. Shorts are one of the top base things for the summer wardrobe! Our linen Puchi shorts - unicolor or adorned with original prints from our Origin, Liberte, and The Roots collections - will make sightseeing even more pleasant. For cooler evenings, we recommend matching long Puchi Pants, also made of wonderful linen and equally comfortable as the shorts. Three products and so many uses!



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bikini paradiso

When you are thinking of vacation do you immediately think about holidays by the sea? Is a lazy day (at least one!) at the beach your favourite way to rest? There must be a bathing suit in your summer suitcase! An ideal swimsuit is both comfortable and useful - will not slip during playful time in the water, while making you look gorgeous when sunbathing. Sounds like our hand-knitted Paradiso bikini! It’s a unique, classic-cut bathing suit with drawstring ties, made entirely of certified organic cotton. Paradiso will look great as a top, combined with linen shorts or an airy skirt, and its boho vibe, emphasized by wooden beads, will suit every summer outfit. You don’t need convincing that, just in case, there should be at least 2 swimsuits to take in your suitcase, do you? :) Make sure to pack Paradiso in two color variants, subtle pink and mint, which will go beautifully with the summer’s most fashionable shade of white.

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furisode kimono

Need to hide your skin from the sun after a long day at the beach? A light, casual cape is this season’s must-have! Trust us when we say you should take a kimono on vacation - especially the one made by Luks. It’ll come in handy literally anytime, everywhere - when you pop out for a quick lunch by the beach, during long, evening walks, and in the comfort of your apartment. Our short Haori kimono will not end up in the closet when the summer ends - you’ll find them a great replacement for autumn jackets! Kimono and other products with the Luks label are designed to complement each other and make it easy for you to create matchy outfits for the whole family.  Men will look dashing in the Kinagashi kimono and the Haori for Him jacket, which simply need comfortable linen trousers called Hakama for full happiness. Among new arrivals in our women’s clothing section is a stunning Furisode Kimono with wide sleeves, and we also offer the classic Yukata in three sizes for children. All of these with matching prints from our collections and juicy colors for sunny days. For Her, for Him, for kids - ready for a #totallook family edition? :-) 

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sukienki viento

The essence of the matchy-matchy style? Cute mommy-daughter outfits! Which young lady does not wait to dive in mom’s closet the moment  she leaves the house? No more playing adult secretly! The time spent together on vacation is the perfect time to give your child a bit of joy. Your daughter will love going for an ice cream with mom in matching dresses - long Viento or short Tierra, both will make you look cool! What if you are a happy mom of a little toddler? For the youngest girls and boys we propose the most comfortable romper in the world. You'll easily match a single-color linen romper with your dress, while our newest rompers made of bamboo fabric, adorned with the SS'22 MANIFEST collection's original prints go perfectly with female and male kimono.

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sukianka Marisol

Do you spend holidays with your significant other and plan a romantic evening together under the moonlight? The best outfit for a date is our new maxi wrap dress named Marisol, with its cut inspired by the sexy style of ultrafeminine Latinas. The world will see your legs through the side slits and the cream color will beautifully accentuate a tan. "Wow" effect guaranteed! Marisol can also be worn as a casual cape with everyday outfits - yet another versatile product, which will fit into your hand luggage. 




turban na lato looks by luks

Even when it’s getting hot, we still need to take good care of the most sensitive body parts. What is the best headwear for sunny days? At Looks by Luks we know best how to protect your head from the sun with style. The best headgear for summer are turbans made of organic cotton, which is a perfect all season fabric. Choose our Organic line especially if the idea of sustainable fashion is close to your heart and you have a soft spot for beautiful colors and prints at the same time. Bamboo viscose is another recommended fabric for high temperatures. Wonderfully soft to the touch, airy and known for its thermoregulatory properties, bamboo will provide first-class comfort and stylish look on hot days.

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frotka zero waste looks by luks

Original accessories are the best way to have a different look every day, especially when you’ve got limited space in your luggage. Comfortable and stylish headbands in many colors and prints matching our dresses and kimono will liven up your outfit in a second. For a classic bad hair day (or simply when you don’t feel like wearing a fancy outfit) we recommend our zero-waste scrunchies made of leftover fabric from the production of our kimono. There are also our multifunctional scarfs acting as a hair ornament and a spectacular pareo. Take all these treasures with you wherever you wish in our big eco-friendly reusable cotton bag.


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As you can see, a capsule wardrobe is a sustainable way to approach your closet and a quick way to build your outfit every day. But not only that! Multifunctional clothes and accessories will help you pack your holiday suitcase without stress, helping you to make sure you have something to wear for every weather. We wish you and your family the most wonderful, carefree holidays and well-deserved rest - in the good company of Looks by Luks :-).


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