Wonderful linen: the best fabric for every season.

Wonderful linen: the best fabric for every season.

Last week brought to Luks an event like never before - a big sale! It is related to some organizational changes (we are becoming a limited liability company) that require cleaning up our stock, and “by the way” celebrating the 5th birthday of our brand :-).

This is your perfect opportunity to get premium-quality headgear and clothing that will serve you and your family all year round at much lower prices. Asking yourself now which fabric is best in every season? Hear us say: linen is a truly great material to wear all year round!


Have you ever wondered what could have been the beautiful Kleopatra's preferred fabric? You could say: luxurious silk - and now wonder, however the ancient Egyptians had a particular liking for linen because of its extraordinary properties. It doesn’t come as a surprise at all! The Latin word for linen emphasizes its great usefulness you’d probably find it hard to find an equally versatile and durable fabric. Did you know that linen, known for hundreds of years, is one of the first plants cultivated by humans? Back in ancient times, it was used not only as a fabric, but also as a food source and medicine, thus playing an important role in many cultures.

Also today, linen is very much appreciated for its versatility. It is used to produce linseed oil - a popular ingredient of many cosmetics and other products as well as a part of healthy diet, along with linseed. Thanks to the characteristic long fibers, linen is successfully used in the production of fabrics, more and more often as an alternative to the ubiquitous cotton.


The beneficial properties of linen and the fabric's durability make it an ideal headgear material, especially in the summer. Light, airy and hygroscopic linen protects the head from the sun without the feeling of "heaviness".

It's worth mentioning that linen is antiallergic and hygroscopic - a real blessing for sensitive skin - needless to say timeless and always fashionable! At Luks we simply love this fabric and creating original linen headbands in many colors and with original prints. We also recommend multifunctional shawls called Head &Body Wraps, colorful scarves and extraordinary bandanas to adorn and cover a head warmed by the summer sun.

lniane nakrycia głowy luks




Linen garments are real life savior in the summer - stylish, comfortable, allowing your skin to breath, in fact will serve you all year round! Clothes made of linen provide comfort like no other and make you stand out from the crowd due to their original look. Just like another beloved summer fabric, bamboo viscose, linen is gentle for the skin and brings relief during the hottest days.

Linen kimono from our collections keep conquering the hearts of all #luksgirls and… #luksboys! It’s yet another season that we also sew linen Kimono for men and complimentary pants Hakama for Him. Ladies have even more to choose from: there are colorful dresses for moms and daughters, the most fashionable shorts and even multifunctional linen pajamas. The youngest ones and their parents will surely love linen rompers - a versatile one-piece that protects sensitive children's skin against the sun and wind. All of this made of highest quality, OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified linen.


lniane ubrania luks




Don’t worry that your new treasures will end up in the closet when the leaves start to fall! Linen clothes are perfect for lower temperatures too and provide great thermoregulation at any time of the year. Short kimono called Haori with a classic cut fit under a warm jacket and in the early autumn will replace other outerwear. Rompers for children are a great choice all year round, also as underwear, and linen pajamas - it goes without saying they are perfect anytime, anywhere :) Especially that we offer both short summer pajamas and long linen pajamas.


At Luks we focus on natural eco fabrics, characterized by great durability and versatility. Our beloved linen is the best fabric for any time of the year. Linen headwear protects against capricious weather and linen clothes provide optimal thermoregulation and first-class comfort.

Linen headwear and clothes made of linen are only a part of our wide range of products. Since the beginning we’ve been sewing turbans made of organic cotton and of warmer organic velvet for autumn and winter. This season we also introduced bamboo viscose kimono and the classics: a shirt, a dress and a jumpsuit made of a linen and viscose combination. We keep looking for new solutions, not limiting ourselves to seasonal trends and promoting vivid colors that keep gloomy days away - visit our store and find your new favourites! :)

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