Best outfits to wear for Christmas - fashion trends for women according to LUKS.

Best outfits to wear for Christmas - fashion trends for women according to LUKS.

You love special occasions, but always struggle with every woman’s dilemma: a closet full of clothes and never anything to wear? Fret not! Here we come with the best outfit ideas for upcoming Christmas.

There is no Christmas dress code… at al!. The perfect outfit is comfortable and not overly ‘conservative’, yet try not to dress like a giant, sparkly Christmas Tree :) Feel free to choose from a range of colors, cuts, fabrics and current fashion trends. Still not sure what to wear on Christmas Eve? See our ideas for chis and original looks that your folks will not stop praising. Who knows, maybe you’ll also find among them some Christmas gift ideas for your significant others!

Look 1: Re-wear a dress

Can you imagine a more elegant Christmas outfit for women than a good old dress? Our Luz, a gorgeous midi dress made of bamboo viscose, will make you stand out among omnipresent velvet mini skirts. Its figure-hugging cut and impressive neckline will emphasize your curves without revealing too much. Ankle length pleasantly protects against the cold, while the available colors: black, green, grey and ochre are the best colors for Christmas Eve dinner outfits. Fancy even more elegant look? Throw on  a classic jacket (or a warm sweater if you’re one of those always freezing) and favourite high-heeled shoes or heavy boots. Don’t forget to add original clay jewelery for a total ‘wow’ effect.

Look 2: Shine bright like a diamond

You adore it, but, for some reason you reserved your kimono for summer vacation only? One look at the Furisode Short Golden Zodiac will quickly change your mind. A unique golden kimono made of gilded linen is the most beautiful alternative to a jacket you will find this season. The characteristic flared sleeves and golden glow are so glamorous they easily make the whole outfit. Feel free to throw a kimono over your favorite top or longsleeve, choose comfortable jeans and light-colored boots. To add a cherry on top - a charming necklace with a pendant in the shape of the moon is your go-to. Dressed like that you'll look and feel like a million dollars. Guaranteed!

Look 3: Velvet en vogue

A warm kimono for winter? Be our guest! The Long Velvet Kimono coat by LUKS is the perfect showstopper of any Christmas party. Current autumn-winter 2022/23 trends bring velvet back into favor, to the joy of all chic style lovers who like to feel warm and comfy. Not only will the soft fabric pleasantly hug you on cold days - the decorative paisley print will spice up any ordinary outfit. Jeans, elegant trousers, a dress - kimonos go with everything in your wardrobe. Especially this one, since it’s… a reversible kimono! You can always hide the pattern to show its inner, single-color side. Paired with a velvet headwear in a matching (or contrasting), the kimono will make you the star of all parties. There’s a snowball fight afoot after Christmas Eve dinner? Don’t forget to arm yourself with velvet hand warmers!

Look 3: Paint it (classic) black

Even when the cheerful Christmas vibe encourages you to play a bit with colors You always choose timeless black? You can wear this set all year round. Mariposa Long linen shirt with long sleeves and decorative cuffs will subtly expose either the neckline or back (a good choice for a meeting by the fireplace :)). The perfect companion for our Mariposa? Puchi Pants - linen black trousers with a comfortable, elastic waistband. Complete the look with large earrings, black shoes and a spectacular Royal Headband. Just a whiff of the original perfume and a classy Christmas outfit with pants is ready!

Look 5: Party bonus

Christmas flies fast… and here comes New Year’s Eve! No worries, we’ve got something special for this occasion too. New Year's Eve party jumpsuit is one of the hottest trends ever - especially one as hot as our Jasmine! This beauty made of smooth, delicate fabric, available in a range of colors that emphasize your beauty, is a surefire hit of every party. How to wear a jumpsuit? In at least a few ways, also as independent pants, thanks to the detachable top. It's up to you and your fantasy how you drape the jumpsuit, depending on how much you want to show the world :-). The NYE outfit is not complete without eye-catching stilettos and a bit of jewelry - Jasmine needs only just that to shine. Multifunctional clothes are our thing, andwith the Jasmine jumpsuit we have reached a new level. Comfort when dancing, whirling around, having fun and this eye-catching cut… Who needs a dress for New Year's Eve?

Wonderful linen: the best fabric for every season. Reading Best outfits to wear for Christmas - fashion trends for women according to LUKS. 1 minute Next Top wedding season outfit ideas for summer 2023.
We hope you liked our ideas for Christmas Day outfits. At LUKS you will find universal clothes and build the perfect base wardrobe. The capsule form and many ways of wearing will help you create original outfits for Christmas, New Year's Eve and any other special occasion. Needless to say, instead of running around the shops in the pre-Christmas frenzy, you can shop our closet essentials online and spend the saved time on... looking for the most beautiful Christmas tree! ;-)

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