I slowly stretch my hands out, reaching high to the sky.

My breath is calm.

My body relaxes and I let go of the tension,the liberating silence allows my mind to settle. 

Bare feet absorb the Earth’s immense energy. I remain present, focused, and aware. 

I can feel the Universe’s gentle arms around me and I already know what I want.

It’s time to set the wondrous wheel of affirmation in motion, opening the path to fulfillment.

Where will it lead me? Wherever my thoughts go…

A coincidence, a twist of fate, a random turn of events. How easily we give credit for our success to a mysterious higher power. When, in the face of failure, we repeat quotes about the mythical karma, how aware are we of its meaning? It’s our actions, not passive existence, and the feeling of helplessness that shape the course of events. If life is a ship on stormy seas, it is You who navigates it, choosing the destination. Aware thoughts, words, and deeds finally lead you to the desired final destination. Magic? It’s here only to attract favorable waves that keep pushing you towards fulfillment. 

No matter the faith, philosophy, and views, one cannot deny that everything in the Universe is made of energy. The meeting of mind and matter is the root of existence. Our thoughts have the power to shape reality, tuning to the frequency of what we pursue. 

The newest Looks by Luks collection for the SS’22 season invites you to MANIFEST your heart’s hidden desires. The collection is a symbol of the unique aura connecting the spiritual and material world, uniting the Earth and Heaven. It’s an artistic interpretation of the inner strength of every woman wearing it. This multidimensional power inspired four original prints:

Anna Rudak

Trust Your Soul

The print emphasizes the role of our intuition depicted in the form of the third eye, which refers to the powerful chakras. It illustrates the hidden power of our subconsciousness and emphasizes the importance of following the voice of our hearts.

Anna Rudak

Manifest Your Vision

Another pattern designed by Anna Rudak, is the strength of feminine energy emanating from the Universe. The print manifests the power of affirmations and gratitude for the accomplished goals

Mary Zaleska

Embrace The Mystery

Embrace The Mystery Light on a cream background and Embrace The Mystery Dark on an anthracite background, both created by Mary Zaleska, show the light and dark sides of our personality expressed as a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. The prints encourage us to understand the duality of human nature and accept our weaknesses. By opening to this truth, we embrace love - for ourselves, the people, and the world.

each of these prints lets you

MANIFEST good thoughts

that attract good energy, strengthening faith in the driving force of the mind. They are worn by a strong, and courageous woman, well aware of her desires. Friend of the Sun, lover of the Moon, the keeper of the Stars’ secrets. She does not look at the world through the keyhole, timidly trying to widen it. She throws open the door to fulfillment, reaching voraciously for the infinite abundance of goods.

She consciously draws from the Universe’s riches. 

Understanding she is its integral part.

Never going with the flow,

MANIFESTING her wishes.

It is the second time we decided to photograph our spring-summer collection in Mexico. Always fascinated by the ancient kingdom of the Maya and Aztecs we wanted to feel the mysterious energy emanating from every corner. The energy that makes us believe we can achieve anything we want! It is here where we feel the magical power of our affirmations, their ability to shape reality. Would any other place on earth better render the message of our new collection?  

The SS’22 MANIFEST photoshoot took place in Puerto Escondido, a picturesque town by the Pacific, known for its hippie culture, hot sandy beaches, and great waves, which are simply breathtaking - a real paradise for surfers! We invited not only professional models to participate in the photo session. The phenomenal Sara from Colombia and Christian from Argentina were joined by local surfers Luna and Leila. As a result, in the photos taken by the one and only Karo Ramos, we managed to capture both the mysticism of the MANIFEST collection and the whole range of emotions created by everyone involved.

We are certain that the effort and heart the entire team put into creating the SS'22 MANIFEST collection are reflected both in the photos and the products we offer this season. All the Looks by Luks products have been sewn in Poland from ecological fabrics since the very beginning, in accordance with the idea of slow fashion and zero waste. As a brand, we focus on multifunctionality, creating products that can be worn in many different ways and combinations. 

In the spring/summer 2022 season we introduce new kimono models: Furisode for ladies and Kinagashi for men, characterized by more voluminous sleeves and slightly different cuts than Yukata and Haori. For hot summer vacation, we recommend tiny Beso tops and Vamos shorts, made of a new quality bamboo fabric, as well as linen Puchi shorts and  long trousers. The premiere products fit perfectly into our regular offer, which invariably includes unique headgear: hand-made turbans and headbands, rompers for children, airy dresses, and accessories, including original scrunchies and beach bags. The MANIFEST collection will soon be expanded by new models of linen dresses and other summer surprises.


Believe in the driving force of the mind. Dare to reach for the Universe's infinite abundance of goods.

Looks by Luks will donate part of the profit from the MANIFEST collection to the “Voices of Children” Foundation, which provides comprehensive assistance to children and parents who suffered as a result of war operations. They aim at providing support in terms of relocation and accommodation, especially for women and children evacuated from places subject to active hostilities, as well as organizing centers for conducting various group activities. In 2022, Voices of Children focuses in particular on organizing psychological help for everyone who has suffered from the war in Ukraine.