LUKS as you see it

For us, transparency means being honest about our business decisions. We want to explicitly show the values we believe in and visualize the production process in our company. We want to show what makes the final price of each product. We focus on open communication - so each time you choose Looks by Luks you can rest assured it is an informed, well-thought-out purchasing decision. 


We show the core values we believe in



We explain the production process 



We share why we support selected initiatives


We want our clients to buy consciously, so we reveal what cost components sum up to the final price of our products.

We decided to choose four of our most popular products to show what exactly you pay for by choosing our brand. We reveal the cost of production starting from the expenditure on fabrics and sewing, through fixed costs, taxes, up to our margin. In our case it is the amount that remains after covering all costs and we spend it on investments (new projects, fabrics, prototypes, equipment, tested software), margin of our trading partners and salary of our owners. The margin varies depending on the product. Sometimes it can be higher, sometimes lower. On some products we earn more and on others - less, but we still keep them in our offer if they’re ecological or unique. A typical margin for chain stores is 50 - 60% and in our case it revolves around 10 - 40%.


Cena : 95 zł

Fabrics and labor

26,30 zł

These are mainly costs related to the purchase of fabrics, the seamstress’ salary and preparing a new collection (prints, photo shoots, marketing materials).

Fixed costs

33,02 zł

This is the result of running a business, including: rents, bills, employee’s salaries, social insurance, website maintenance, fees, subscriptions and software licenses.


23,73 zł

Our company is registered in Poland and we pay taxes related to running a business in our home country.


2,85 zł

Part of the profit is donated to selected initiatives, which promote values that are especially dear to our hearts.

Margin and investments

9,10 zł

That is income after deducting all the costs and taxes. The margin depends on the projected sales volume and costs changing over time. It is used to cover expenses for new projects, prototypes, equipment, as well as margin of the business partners and salary of the owners.

See Mis Tetas Mis Labios Turban

LUKS Values

We believe the origin of the products matter. We understand how mass consumption affects the environment. We want our products to reflect the values we live by. Each of our collections carries a message, in line with our beliefs - ecology, closeness to nature, self-development, social equality and freedom. We keep demanding more of ourselves, so in the future we’d offer products made solely of ecological materials, in the spirit of ethical fashion.

Certified fabrics and prints

All fabrics that we use for production are certified with at least OEKO-TEX or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

Ekological packaging

Individual orders are packed in cardboard boxes, and wholesale orders - mainly in reused boxes. Labels are made of recycled paper. 

Less plastic

We minimize the use of plastic both in packaging and in our daily office life. We care for the environment by segregating waste.

Unique designs

Our philosophy is to create unique products available in small quantities, in cooperation with young, talented artists, while addressing topics that are close to our hearts. We only release two collections per year, to avoid encouraging excessive consumption.

Local production

We sew mainly in a small workshop in Sopot and pay decent salaries to our seamstresses.

SEWING made-to-order

Before the order arrives at your doorstep it needs to go through several stages, starting with entering the ordered goods on the list to be handed over to a specific seamstress. Then it’s time to prepare the fabric, to cut out the form and, eventually, to sew the final product. It’s not the end yet though. When the sewn goods are delivered to our office we start completing the orders. Sometimes the products from one order are sewn by different hands, so then we wait until the last piece arrives, before we seal the package. Only then will we prepare the parcel and send it to an indicated address.Trivia: Do you known that around ¼ of the wasted industry’s resources each year comes from overproduction of clothes? Thanks to sewing made-to-order we minimize the risks associated with overstocking with products that won’t sell - this way we avoid littering our environment.

Trivia: Do you know that around ¼ of the wasted industry’s resources each year comes from overproduction of clothes? Thanks to sewing made-to-order we minimize the risks associated with overstocking with products that won’t sell - this way we avoid littering our environment.

LUKS Initiatives

Each of our collections carries a message and donates part of the profit to various types of foundations, related to the subject of a given collection. In the past we helped the Blue Butterfly association supporting women who battle ovarian cancer, the "Buy Responsibly" foundation, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, The Ocean Cleanup that rids seas and oceans of plastic, and ”Kosmos for Girls” foundation. Part of the profit from the The Roots collection supported the Greenpeace Poland campaign "Adopt a Bee" and the Liberté collection was donated to the Open Mind foundation, which promotes the idea of "world without barriers", supporting local craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Together we help

Looks by Luks will donate part of the profit from the MANIFEST collection to the “Voices of Children” Foundation, which provides comprehensive assistance to children and parents who suffered as a result of war operations. They aim at providing support in terms of relocation and accommodation, especially for women and children evacuated from places subject to active hostilities, as well as organizing centers for conducting various group activities. In 2022, Voices of Children focuses in particular on organizing psychological help for everyone who has suffered from the war in Ukraine.