Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here
Haori Kimono Still Here

Still Here Haori Kimono

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Have you, as a child - instead of dreaming of your Prince Charming - wanted to become the brave Mulan, used to watch new episodes of your favorite anime all excited and called kittens and puppies kawaii? This is how, usually, one becomes fascinated with Japan, a country with cultural diversity that does not cease to impress and inspire. If the Land of the Rising Sun has a special place in your heart, our HAORI, a type of classic Japanese kimono, is just for you. What do turbans and kimonos have in common, you may wonder? More than it seems! Both are, in the first place, extremely comfortable and versatile - yet still unique. 

A short, loose-fitting jacket called Haori is a bit more formal version of the “regular” kimono. In the early XIX century geishas wore it to look more iki - stylish in an effortless, casual manner. Now it's your turn to feel special in our linen Haori, adorned with one of the new collection's original prints. One, universal size fits most women and for the lovers of a more close-fitting cut we recommend a complementary accessory - a wide belt, which you can buy here: Still Here Head & Body Wrap.

Exoticism in the middle of winter? With Looks by Luks - always! Pause for a moment. Take a breath. Go to the beginning. What would you do to have her by your side? How much would you like her to help, give advice, take care of you? Our mothers’ and grandmas’ magic remedies carry a mysterious force that makes us, young women, stronger and wiser. They help us blossom like beautiful flowers and pass the precious values to our daughters in the future.

This season Looks by Luks pays homage to the history written by our mothers and grandmas, taking a journey back to the beginning. To their legacy, which remains a precious lesson, showing us how to heal our bodies and souls with the gift received from Mother Nature. Vulnerable to nature, we accept its gifts and surrender to their magic power.

The Roots is a collection full of precious flowers - ethereal, endangered, melliferous, and healing works of art. It evokes the scent of security, harmony, balance, and happiness. Let us show the pure beauty that stems from our roots waiting to be reborn.

The strength lies in nature.

Linen HAORI kimono with the the Still Here pattern designed by Mary Zaleska, from the original The Roots collection, inspired by the endangered plants, protected both in Poland and the world, represented on our fabrics by an abstract drawing that captures the hidden beauty of a carnivorous plant gracefully named Aldrovanda vesiculosa. Have you ever heard of the Red List of Threatened Species? It lists not only our ‘muse’, but also many other species facing extinction, just like some animals. This is the aftermath of climate change affecting both fauna and flora, which have been slowly disappearing.

Composition: 100% linen.

Kimono's color in the photo may vary based on screen type.

Handwash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

All our products are made the way to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations. You can choose a belt, turban, headband or scrunchie with the same pattern as your kimono to create a matchy look with your daughter, sister or best friend.

By purchasing products from The Roots collection, you support the ‘Adopt a Bee’ social campaign by Greenpeace Poland, which brings together people involved in helping bees and making the country more pollinator-friendly.