Sun Blessed perfume 3 ml tester
Sun Blessed perfume 3 ml tester

Sun Blessed perfume 3 ml tester

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What does the Sun smell like? Like warm sand underneath bare feet. Like delish fruit eaten straight after picking them up from a tree. Like a fresh sea breeze that gently skims  moist hair. Like happiness, warmth, carefreeness. The essence of life.

The scent is the most beautiful way of bringing back priceless memories. Whenever autumn comes, we tend to keep the beloved Sun close to us for as long as possible. The SUN BLESSED perfumes is a mystical power encapsulated in a bottle, whose magical rays  fill us with energy. It’s the final touch of our latest AW’22/23 collection, which pays homage to the happiness and vitality of the almighty Sun.

The floral top notes in the form of a violet leaf, fig and cypress bloom beautifully, seasoned with a pinch of sea salt in the heart note. A mysterious molecule with unusual properties gives the composition its silky breath. The divine particle brings out the depth of the woody note with the base composed of sandalwood, cedar and oak moss, intoxicating with a peppery, slightly ambergris aroma. All the notes create a unique fragrance that will pleasantly wrap and warm you up even during the coldest days.

The SUN BLESSED perfumes created in collaboration with Mo61 Perfume Lab, become the most pleasant postcard from a summer destination, bringing back the smile full of gratitude for each warm and sunny day to remember. It is also an ideal companion for the autumn and winter evenings, boosting your mood and dispelling the darkestclouds, like the beloved Sun itself.