Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas
Set Me Free Pajamas

Set Me Free Pajamas

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How to survive every winter? In good company! A cup of aromatic tea, a purring cat on your lap, a good book - you surely have your favorites. However, let's not forget about the basics, i.e. a soft blanket and ... comfy pajamas!

Softly hugging your skin, light and airy, yet still protecting against cold. Bamboo pajamas by Luks will provide you with extraordinary comfort, whether during the #chill evenings or exciting pillow fights. Made of our beloved material and simply beautiful - what more could you wish for? 

Set Me Free Pajamas made of certified bamboo viscose, adorned with an original print, created by Magda Piesta, from the SS’ 24 collection

The Set Me Free print is an invitation to discover your inner strength and beauty. Set against a pastel sky, the majestic golden angel wings play a central element of the pattern, symbolizing the connection between Heaven and Earth. The moons in various phases, stars, and planets dance around it playfully, creating an ethereal, almost magical landscape.

The wide open angel wings express our common desire to rise above everyday challenges and strive for greater, more fulfilling purposes.

Designed by Magda Piesta, Set Me Free is not only an original choice for fashion enthusiasts but also a unique talisman of spiritual enlightenment and freedom. Wearing outfits featuring this print you will ooze inner peace and confidence in your ability to transcend the limitations of the physical world.

Come, move with the flow of life, embracing the promise of spiritual and physical freedom. Spread your wings. Fly high into the sky.



Hand Wash at 30°C only. Dry flat.

Pajamas’ color in the photo may vary based on screen type.


Long pajamas consist of long trousers and a long sleeve and short pajamas consist of a T-shirt and shorts. You also have two sizes to choose from: XS / S and M / L. For the details about sizes please refer to the "Size chart" tab.

Set Me Free Pajamas will pleasantly coat you with the softness of bamboo, a fabric known for its wonderful, healing properties and great thermoregulation. Your skin, tired with heavy winter duvets, will thank you for a moment of breath! It will also be an ideal choice for spring and summer. Consider buying it now, with the upcoming holiday trips in mind!

All our products are made to complement each other, so they fit perfectly in various combinations.  You can  easily create a #totallook or matchy outfit look with your child.