You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri
You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri
You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri
You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri
You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri
You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri

Looks by Luks

You Are Magic Yukata Matsuri

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Size:1 – 4 years
Every year, in late June, the streets of the Japanese city of Himeji become full of splendid colors. The Yukata Matsuri festival, dating back more than 260 years, brings lively street fairs, dance and music performances, unforgettable parades and fashion shows dedicated to the most beautiful yukatas

At Luks we also couldn’t do without yukatas in a ‘festive’ version… of course in our style! We removed the sleeves from the classic kimono, instead adorning it with fringes, which dance happily at the bottom and around the shoulders. The airy fabric, comfortable cut and original pattern make this kimono ready to conquer all summer (and not only) festivals!

The "You Are Magic" print, designed by Agnieszka Róża Słupek, draws inspiration from the unique tradition. Plant medicine ceremonies are one of a kind encounters with our true nature. Shifting perception and tuning in to high vibrations teaches us humility, respect, love for the world and ourselves.

The color scheme of the pattern, of beige and pink shades, with distinct blue and yellow elements, reflects the balance and harmony of the so-called chakras, or subtle energetic centers in the body. Mystical motifs evoke the idea of the third eye, the sixth in the chakra system, Ajna. It symbolizes the gate to higher consciousness and spiritual development, inspiring us to open the chakras and activate our inner power.

The original print is full of positive energy and inspiration. It represents faith in the ability of man to transform himself and the world through introspection, spiritual development and connecting with nature. “You Are Magic” is a call to discover our inner magic, to embrace and celebrate our true selves, and to manifest positive change in our lives and the world.

Composition: 100% bamboo viscose

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Wash only by hand at 30 degrees. 

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