The best turbans and beanies for autumn and winter: a weather guide.

The best turbans and beanies for autumn and winter: a weather guide.

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When the weather outside is frightful... frost, snow and - worse still - gusty wind, morning wardrobe dilemmas become a whole other thing, don't they? Have you been wondering how to protect your head well against cold? We've got a way - the Luks way!

We have prepared for you a mini-guide to fabrics in our store, so you can easily choose your perfect headwear, depending on the temperature. Check out the very best turbans and beanies for autumn and winter.

Let's start with the warmest materials!


(temperature between -5 and 10 degrees Celsius / 25 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit )

With temperatures dropping below zero Celsius leaving home appears a very daunting task! Fret not though - velvet turbans from Looks by Luks will protect the sensitive head even during the most severe frosts. They're also great for nicer temperatures slightly above zero Celsius. This versatility is a great advantage of soft velvet, which thick and very pleasant to touch, yet light to wear and breathable. An immense comfort and protection from unpredictable weather is just what we like the most!

Let us enchant you with our Velvet line, which owes its name to the word that has always been associated with elegance and luxury. The velvet fabric is an ultimate favourite of all the #luksgirls and it's trendy almost every AW season. Choose among the beautiful, deep colors available in our store that will perfectly complement any look, adding the touch of glamour to your outfits:

Turban dla kobiet Velvet Looks by Luks

Turban dla dziecka Velvet Looks by Luks

(temperature between 0 and 15 degrees Celsius / 30 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit )

Medium weight organic knit (93% cotton and 7% elastane) is the best choice for autumn and early spring. At Luks you will find only GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified cotton of the highest quality, which beats the "ordinary" cotton in terms of durability. Thanks to the greater fiber thickness, our turbans are extremely resilient and less prone to stretching or losing their shape. They will serve you for many seasons.
The Organic turbans are perfect for autumn days as well as those less harsh winter days. Bio cotton allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture very well. You will love its natural thermoregulatory properties that will make you and your child feel comfortable during bad weather days :-). Find your favorites among all these beautiful colors and original prints from our collections:


(temperature between -5 and 15 degrees C /  25 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit)

What hat to wear in winter? Beanies all the way! If you or your child are not so much into turbans, yet you like our design and prints, the classic beanie is just what you need. We especially recommend those made of the extraordinary merino wool and organic cotton. Beanie pairs nicely with all your winter outfits. Ours also have cotton lining, which only enhances their heating properties.
czapki na jesień i zimę looks by luks

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