❤️  Gift ideas from a sustainable fashion brand ❤️

❤️ Gift ideas from a sustainable fashion brand ❤️

February can be cold and gloomy in some parts of the world, but the truth is it has a really hot heart! One cannot forget about the Feast of Saint Valentine celebrated on February 14, with all the omnipresent heart symbols, cute deserts in coffee shops and original gift ideasWhere does Valentine's day originated from?



The festival of love, although commonly believed to be "American", has a pagan origin, which dates back to the times of... ancient Rome! The day once known as Lupercalia was celebrated in honor of the Roman goddess of amorous sensations, Juno, and the god of nature, Faun. It was in the 5th century when the pagan holiday was replaced with a liturgical rite in memory of saint Valentine - the patron of lovers. This is the official course of events, but many cultures have their own history of the Valentine's Day.

The widely known Valentine's Day of today has both die-hard supporters and opponents who criticize its commercialization and promoting irresponsible shopping. At Looks by Luks, we also oppose excessive consumerism, creating a sustainable fashion in the pro-eco spirit since the beginning. We also believe that feelings are to be cherished every day and we should celebrate Valentine's day all year round! :-). Especially now, because February is the month of love ❤️. How to foster your relationship on a daily basis? Meaningful looks in the eyes, affectionate words and small, spontaneous gestures, or maybe unexpected gifts? Great idea, as long as it's conscious buying. Still wondering how to express your feelings? Choose a beautiful gift for your significant other straight from our offer!


Valentine's Day is inherently associated with red and the symbol of the heart. Pink is also a color associated with love and friendship, but also delicacy and femininity. A beautiful red turban, an airy kimono or magical jewelry with rose quartz? We have the best Valentine's Day gift ideas - which you can celebrate at any time of the year!

Turban No.1 Velvet Crimson Red

Velvet Crimson Red Turban No.1 

Why is velvet so popular? Thanks to its silky softness, chic look, durability and first-class protection against the cold! Add an eye-catching deep red color and voila! Velvet Crimson Red Turban No.1 is the best option for a winter date. Your chosen one will love it as much as they love you!

Turband Maxi Linen Pink

Linen Pink Turband Maxi 

Already planning summer vacation and unforgettable trips? Then it's not velvet you're looking for - linen will be the best choice for sunny weather! Airy, hygroscopic material ensures comfort on the head, and the light pink color adds incredible charm. Pink Turband Maxi linen headband is perfect for summer outfits and a must have in every traveler's suitcase!

Haori Kimono Linen

Linen Haori Kimono

What should every woman have in wardrobe? Kimono from Looks by Luks! It is a versatile outerwear that can replace jackets and sweaters, Why, the kimono makes an entire outfit in the summer :-). It will help you stand out at the beach, at the same time fitting perfectly into outfits for colder days. Our linen kimono in shades of fiery red and dark pink is a hot trend this season!

Wzór Deep Within


Don't miss on the Deep Within print from the Origin collection. It was inspired by rose quartz known famously as the "Stone of Love". The original print by Sandra Chojecka depicts a cross-section of quartz that reminds us of a human heart. Always hot, open to romantic love and good relationships with others, but also helping us love ourselves! The energy of this extraordinary crystal is enchanted in our turbans, headbands, kimonos, beanies and even scrunchies with our Deep Within print. Which one will be your best Valentine's gift for her?


naszyjnik What a Charm

What a Charm! Necklace

What accessories do girls like most? Jewelry, hands down! It makes a woman shine, emphasizing the each outfit, and often reflecting the soul of its owner. Especially jewelry made of natural stones has a magical power. What a Charm! necklace, designed by Mellov, is the beauty and power of rose quartz embedded in 24-carat gold. Wearing the charm on the neck, your Valentine will always feel the crystal's magical influence and... your love!  

świeca sojowa Origin

Origin Soy Candle

Planning an evening for two? Trust us, we know how to create a romantic vibe - with smells! The ecological Origin Soy Candle, created in cooperation with Lady Stone, will delight you with its intense wood aromas combined with the mysterious myrrh and frankincense. In addition, the wax carrying our sensual composition has the beautiful rose quartz placed in the center. The power of the stone will strengthen the effect of the fragrance, putting you in the mood for romance. The perfect Valentine's Day for two!


Shopper Bag Liberté "Bag Full of LOVE"

Where to put the presents? We recommend... a shopper bag! :-) It can be a shopping bag, a beach bag and even a date bag. Made of 100% thick cotton, durable, elegant - what more could you wish for? Words that will express your feelings! We've got it covered!

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